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Keep It 100 E liquid - Blue Slushie Iced 100ml

Keep It 100 Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice Description

Keep It 100's Blue Slushee Iced is the ideal vape juice to beat the heat during the summer months. You can taste the blue raspberry flavor with a touch of strawberry and menthol base. On the inhale, Blue Slushee Iced gives you the succulent taste of blue raspberry with a bit of strawberry flavor. The taste will hit your taste buds in the most flavorful way. On the exhale, the icy menthol comes through and adds an invigorating twist to this blend. Blue Slushee Iced will send your taste buds into a frenzy. This flavor is exceptional. Every puff will leave you craving for more. You will want to vape this eliquid until the very last drop. Keep It 100's Blue Slushee Iced is a must-try.

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