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Nicotine Salt

Model: INFZN Grape Mint Salt 36mg (30ml)
Grape Mint from INFZN is a fruit based e-juice that is composed of frozen grape flavors mixed with INFZN's mint menthol. This cool treat is a must on any hot summer day.50%VG 50% PG..
Model: INFZN Melon Mint Salt 50mg (30ml)
Melon Mint from INFZN is a fruit  flavored e-juice that is composed of juicy melon flavors mixed with INFZN's mint menthol. The perfect chilled treat that hits the spot on any hot summer day...
Model: Bomb ice saltnic (POMEGRANATE & RASPBERRY )
An amazing mix of Pomegrante and Raspberries with Menthol ..
Model: Bomb saltnic (POMEGRANATE & RASPBERRY )
An amazing mix of Pomegrante and Raspberries ..
Model: Cherry Tobacco (Salt Nic)
Smooth taste of leaf tobacco with the perfect hint of vanilla and cherry !30ML30,50 SALT..
Model: Columbus Sweet tobacco (salt)
Columbus Sweet tobacco30ML30,50 SALT..
Model: Don Cristo Coffee Salt
The delicious flavor of a full-bodied coffee accompanied by the award-winning Don Cristo.30ml35,50mg..
3.500KD 4.000KD
Model: Don Cristo Orginal salt
A beautiful cigar flavor that’s steeped for 90 days with real Montecristo cigars. Take the cigar challenge today and see what everyone is talking about!!! This e-juice won one of the best tobacco flavors in France in 2016 and also first place in the UK in 2017.30ml35,50mg..
3.500KD 4.000KD
Model: Don Cristo XO Salt
The award-winning Don Cristo you know and love with the delightful, soothing touch of Butterscotch.30ml35,50mg..
3.500KD 4.000KD
Brand: Dr. Vapes Model: Einstein
The Doctor and the physicist have been tirelessly working in the lab to develop this groundbreaking new SECRET Smoothie flavour. Packed with a mouthwatering blend of juicy, aromatic ingredients, this is sure to be an all-time favourite. Who said scientists were mad??Bottle size: 30ml..
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