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Brand: M-Fit Model: 2936
 M-Fit Empty Pods 5.0% (50mg)M-Fit are true partners of the global vaping revolution and are contributing to the industry’s massivesurge in innovation over the past few years.  For those who seek a customized, personal E-cigexperience, the M-Fit empty pods are available for pouring in E-li..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: M-Fit Model: 2935
M-Fit GrapeSecret Sauce Grape is the flavor for true royalty. The taste of fresh, handpicked grapes comes from the finest of vineyards, and ultimately, settles finely into the smoke. Puff rigorously till your heart content; Secret Sauce Grape is perfection in a pod.M-Fit Pods 5.0% (50mg)M-Fit are tr..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: M-Fit Model: 2943
M-Fit cBold, smooth, and full strength; Secret Sauce Latte is all set to rock every coffee connoisseur’s world for good. Aromatic notes of fruity coffee, paired with subtle notes of burnt caramel make this caffeine bomb irresistible. Enjoy Secret Sauce Latte, a latte! M-Fit Pods 5.0% (50mg..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: M-Fit Model: 2933
M-Fit MangoDrool over the king of fruits like there’s no tomorrow, with Secret Sauce Mango! The richness of juicy, wholly ripe and tender mangoes in every puff, Secret Sauce Mango is summers’ finest on the lips.M-Fit Pods 5.0% (50mg)M-Fit are true partners of the global vaping revolution and are con..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: M-Fit Model: 2931
M-Fit Purple BerryWhat exactly is a purpleberry, one might ask? Be it the ripe raspberries, the bold blueberries, or the succulent strawberries; Secret Sauce Purpleberry churns them all to perfection; it pairs perfectly with a Ribena! M-Fit Pods 5.0% (50mg)M-Fit are true partners of the gl..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: M-Fit Model: 2934
M-Fit TobaccoCalling the ladies and gents who just cannot resist a cigarette between their lips; Secret Sauce Tobacco is indeed the new E-cig sheriff in town. Aromatic, crisp tobacco leaves infused for the perfect smoke; Secret Sauce Tobacco will leave the chain-smokers questioning their everyday ci..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: M-Fit Model: 2932
M-Fit WatermelonSliced up ice cold; Secret Sauce Watermelon is the smoke of the summer. It’s all about ripest of watermelons, bathing in their own sweet juices and served up like the true aphrodisiac they are. Secret Sauce Watermelon is, hands down, a true E-cig aphrodisiac. M-Fit Pods 5.0% (50..
3.000KD 4.000KD
Brand: MYLE Vapor Model: Myle Basic Devices
Devices. This smooth-as-silk nicotine delivery system lets you enjoy a velvety, effortless pull that is much cleaner and more satisfying than cigarettes. The ergonomically designed device uses leak-proof technology to make switching pods simple and clean with no mess or fuss. Fill and replace pods w..
Myle Empty Pods 4-Pack vape
2-3 Days
Brand: MYLE Vapor Model: 2665
Empty Pods 4-Pack by MYLÈThanks to the MYLÈ Empty Pods 4-Pack, you can use any nic salt e-liquid that you’d like while enjoying one of the most powerful and sophisticated pod systems in the world. This pack gives you four refillable pod cartridges that are totally compatible with your devi..
Brand: MYLE Vapor Model: 1813
Lush Ice Pods By MYLE Vapor | SaltNicDo you long for crisp watermelon slices as soon as the weather gets warm? If the answer is yes, Lush Ice will be your new all-day flavor for the summer. Every pull tantalizes your taste buds with refreshing watermelon juice that's dazzlingly crisp and s..
4.000KD 5.000KD
Brand: MYLE Vapor Model: 2994
Pound Cake Pods by MYLE Vapor | SaltNicIts time to hit this pound cake infused nicotine salt pre-filled into these newly created disposable pods by Myle Vapor. Crafted from premium quality ingredients, this breakfast-like eLiquid will surprise you with its well-balanced and mouthwater..
Brand: MYLE Vapor Model: 1813
Summer Strawberry Pods By MYLE Vapor | SaltNicMYLE Summer Strawberry is a tasty strawberry salt nicotine flavor that's incredibly authentic and free of bells and whistles. Every hit soaks your mouth in the juice of ripe, red strawberries.On the inhale, Summer Strawberry salt ejui..
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